3D CGI, Design & Digital Graphics 
Photo realistic rendering for Dyson
Dyson Ltd
Photo-realistic 3D renderings for international product marketing
Photo realistic product rendering for marketing
Timken / Design by Matrix
Photo realistic product rendering for marketing
Realistic 3D visualisation of ships at sea
BMT Defence Services
Realistic 3D visualisations created by us for BMT DSL's successful bid to design the UK Royal Navy's Tide Class Fleet Tanker requirement
Photo realisic product rendering for BOTT marketing
Still image from photo realistic product video for marketing (Online, exhibitions, trade shows, point of sale and presentations) > See case study
3D animation of concept product for advertising
Concept product visualisation and 3D animation
Biomedical 3D illustration of neuron, focussing on the Nodes of Ranvier

Still from Biomedical 3D animated video of neuron, focussing on the Nodes of Ranvier (Marketing and Mechanism of action (MOA)
3D animated augmented reality in Exeter - AR
BMT Defence Services Ltd
Augmented reality 3D animations for exhibitions and presentations (Via iPad)
Animated 3d video of Typhoon for aerospace
MBDA Missile Systems
Still from 3D animated video of BAE Systems Typhoon for marketing (exhibitions, presentations, online)
Photo-realistic 3D rendering for Dyson marketing
Dyson Ltd
Photo-realistic 3D renderings for international product marketing
3D stylised wayfinding infographics for the Dubai Metro signage
Dubai RTA
Stylised 3D Infographic maps for 27 different Dubai metro stations (28MP Ultra resolution)
3D animated marketing video of Ceptor missile
MBDA Missile Systems
Still image from 3D animated marketing product video of MBDA Missile System's CAMM/Sea Ceptor missile
Animated underwater submarine video
BMT Defence Services
Still image of 3D animation from the Vidar-36 SSK submarine CGI marketing movie.
3D Animated advertising video for Honda
Still from CGI marketing video to demonstrate the innovative blade design of Honda mowers
Product marketing video for Spherovelo child's product concept
Scanstrut / Easy Rider
Still from CGI pre-marketing video of product design concept
Visual effects from CG movie for aerospace
MBDA Missile Systems
Still from 3D animated video to demonstrate an aerospace product being deployed from the BAE Systems Typhoon (This still shows animated visual-effects of active scanning).
Concept product video for Houlder's Wind Turbine Access System
Still from CGI 3D animated video to demonstrate Houlder's award winning wind turbine access system (TAS). Visual effects include ocean simulation, character animation and particles
Photo-realistic visualisation of ships and naval design
BMT Defence Services
CGI Photo montage of concept naval design. One of a series produced for various vessels designed by the Bath based naval architects
3D interactive configurator and product video for Bott
Still from photo-realistic 3D animation of BOTTs Vario vehicle mounted storage system (Read more in our 3D configurator case study)
Still from CGI video of Bott's new SmartVaInteractive 3D configurator and videon Vario van racking design
3D Animated product video for concept product
MBDA Missile Systems
Still from CGI product video of undisclosed weapon system
Photo-realistic CG renderings for Dyson product marketing
Dyson Ltd
Photo-realistic 3D renderings for international product marketing > See case study
Visual effects illustration of vortex for Dyson marketing
Dyson Ltd
Photo-realistic 3D renderings for international product marketing - visual effects of cyclone vortices

A comprehensive service for 3D CGI, Design, and Digital Graphics

We are a consultancy that specialises in the creation of custom CGI movies, still images, realtime 3D and design. We will help you visually communicate your creative visions, concepts and products — Access the 3D revolution!

From CGI movies to single-shot special­ist inter­vention, we can work directly with your market­ing team, or support in-house 3D graphics departments and advertising agencies. All projects are bespoke and we work with you to create the optimum result for your require­ments and resources.

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A Consultancy Approach

Every client and project requires a unique solution, and every aspect of the service we offer is bespoke and tailored to meet your needs. We can discuss your requirements over the phone, by email or arrange a meeting and we will listen, guide and inform you on the best solution

A Proven Track Record

Our clients number amongst the most dynamic and innov­ative organ­isations in the world, which include Dyson, Honda, JWT, Karrimor SF, EADS Defence Securité, De La Rue and MBDA Missile Systems. Most of our work is repeat business and we have assisted some of our clients for almost 10 years. New clients are often referrals which is testi­mony to our ongoing commitment to service and quality

Expertise and Experience

Our team has extensive expertise in virtually all aspects of 3D CGI, visual effects, and design; we handle all projects with profess­ional­ism and creativity. Always at the forefront of computer graphics tech­nology, members of our team have worked at leading CGI and design facil­ities, including Pinewood Film Studios


Leading organisations trust us to deliver high-end CGI. Whether it's photo-realistic 3D product images for Dyson or strat­egic bid support assets for BMT Defence Services; our track record is proven

Secure and Confidential

We are based in the UK and regularly work on confi­den­tial projects, whether it be for aerospace, marine, pharmaceutical, or the latest consumer products. Secure and confi­dential data handling is one of our key policies and just one of the reasons why we're trusted by both SMEs and major bluechip clients alike. We build enduring business relationships based on trust and perfor­mance

Flexible / Adaptable / Bespoke

All our projects are bespoke. We will adapt at every stage to your requirements and advise during the lifetime of a project to maximise your investment

Biomedical rendering and illustration Technical illustration
Dyson 3D graphics Dyson 3D rendering Augmented reality
3D animated marketing video for concept product 3d animation for advertising agencies - JWT 3D rendering for Honda
3D animation for aerospace 3D animation of aircraft
High quality 3D visuals
3d configurator
3D visuals and infographics for the Dubai Metro Dubai Metro 3d wayfinding posters
3D product video for defence and maritime Underwater 3D CGI movie of submarine 3D character animation underwater

Applications for CGI

Concept visualisation
Animated movies
Technical Illustration  
Bid Support  
Marketing and advertising videos
Design development support  
Biomedical mechanism of action (MOA)
3D Product visualisations
Architectural rendering / ArchViz
Broadcast animation 
Fly-throughs & 3D virtual tours
Augmented reality / Interactive 3D
3D Simulation
Game development assets
Digital retouching